Xuxiang bicycle production process – Brake

1, Pincers brake
The earliest bicycle brake, Its model is called 79, Its braking performance is particularly good, The braking force is very strong 。

2, Holding brake
Simple structure, convenient maintenance The brake pads are on the outside and the hub is inside, When stepping on the brake pedal, the brake pads encircle the wheel hub inwardly.

3, coaster brake
Normally, ride forward and clockwise. You need to brake by stepping on the pedal counterclockwise for half a turn. The amount of braking depends on the strength of adoption. It is a special structure hub.

4, Disc Brake
1.It has better heat dissipation than drum brakes, and it is less likely to cause brake degradation and brake failure when the brakes are continuously stepped on.
2.The size change of the brake disc after being heated does not increase the stroke of the brake pedal.
3.The disc brake system responds quickly and can do high-frequency braking actions, so it is more in line with the needs of the ABS system. 4. Disc brakes do not have the automatic braking effect of drum brakes, so the braking force of the left and right wheels is relatively even.
4.Because the brake disc has better drainage, it can reduce the situation of poor braking caused by water or sand.
5.The structure of the disc brake is simple and easy to maintain.

5, V- brake
1.Light weight
2.Simple structure, easy to install, maintain and repair
3.Low cost and high cost performance
4.The maintenance cost is relatively low

Post time: Aug-18-2021