How much do you know about children’s riding safety

How much do you know about children’s riding safety
As the baby grows up, maybe one day he will pester you to buy him a car
Will you buy it for him? A child riding a bicycle can not only have fun, but also
To exercise, but children really have a lot of knowledge about cycling! Committed to doing
The car is safe
2. Taking your baby to ride a bicycle in the community or park can strengthen the communication and
Emotional communication. In addition, in the process of cycling with children, it also helps to cultivate
The child’s courage and self-confidence, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate.
3. The baby should ensure adequate outdoor activities every day, and outdoor activities are actually a dose
The best way for children to grow up happily. There is fresh air and plenty of sunshine outdoors, which is good for children
Its natural growth and development have unparalleled effects.
How old can children ride bicycles:
There are so many advantages of cycling, so how old can children ride bicycles?
How much do you know about children’s riding safety
Children should not learn cycling too early. If the baby is too small, their balance is not
Very good, and I’m afraid. If I get injured accidentally, I’ll be very helpful for learning to ride a bicycle in the future
Impact. And the baby is prone to “baby carriage disease” by riding before the age of 3. The so-called “baby carriage disease” is
Some young children have abnormal development of their legs after riding a stroller for a period of time. cause
There are two main reasons for “baby carriage disease”. First, the design of some baby carriages is unreasonable, which does not meet the needs of children
Physiological health care requirements, such as the distance between the seat and the pedal is too long or too short. The second reason is
Some parents “can’t wait” to let their children who have just learned to walk ride a stroller for a long time, and even
The stroller replaced the stroller.
How much do you know about children’s riding safety
Therefore, children under the age of 3 had better not ride bicycles. For children aged 3-4,
They can choose a children’s bicycle with auxiliary wheels at the back, which has three wheels at the back
This kind of children’s bicycle has a low center of gravity and is not easy to fall down, which is conducive to riding safety,
Children will soon master the key points of cycling, and can make them familiar with the feeling of cycling first
Sense. At the same time, parents should often check their legs, and correct them in time once any abnormality is found.
Since the baby is 6 years old, you can choose a bicycle without auxiliary wheels according to the actual situation of the baby
Let the baby learn.
As we all know, children’s bones are in the growth and development stage, so the bones are relatively soft
Soft, elastic and highly plastic, but otherwise easy to deform. Especially the two vertebrae of the spine
The cartilage between them is particularly developed, and the physiological bending has not yet been fixed. Therefore, when children ride bicycles,
The height of the car should be appropriate and the sitting posture should be correct. On the contrary, it is easy to cause deformity of children’s spine

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