BMX Sport History

BMX Sport History
The sport of BMX (BMX) originated in California in the 1960s, and in a short time it conquered the United States with its unique charm. For those teenagers who are out of reach of motocross, this sport can make them experience the wonderful feeling of driving on a self-built off-road track. Although they were using bicycles, it did not prevent them from fully experiencing the excitement and excitement brought by the instant impact. For teenagers, BMX is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require a drive too far from home.
Chinese name BMX sports history, foreign name BMX origin of the 1960s location California
In the early 1970s, the United States established the earliest BMX organization, which is also considered to be the symbol of BMX becoming an official sports event. In the decade that followed, BMX moved to other countries. The International BMX Federation was formally established in April 1981, and the first World BMX Championship was held in 1982. By this time, BMX, a unique sport, developed rapidly around the world. Because the sport has more similarities with cycling, BMX officially became a member of the cycling family in 1993.
Following the United States in Europe, BMX also flourished in some countries in Australia. But the U.S. remains the superpower on the project. BMX has been introduced to our country in recent years, and it also has a certain number of enthusiasts in several big cities.
Since the development of BMX, it has been separated from the single competition in the driving field, and has spawned more projects. Specifically divided into five types: The first is the most primitive mud racing competition. The second type (DIRTJUMP mud jumping competition) uses the slope made of mud to perform fancy jumping competitions. The third, called (STREET), uses a prop field that mimics street obstacles. The fourth (HALFPIPE half-pipe) is a jumping trick competition in a half-pipe field. The fifth type (FATLAND, flat-land fancy) is to use BMX cars to perform various balance sliding movements on the designated flat ground to compete. The flat-ground style is the most basic and the most important. There are hundreds of actions, the most basic of which is the static balance on the car, such as the rear wheel jumping, the front wheel jumping, rubbing the wheel, setting the car, Floating, crossing bridges, etc. Beginners can practice more difficult dynamic balance after improving their static balance ability, that is, doing movements in cycling. The body of the BMX is generally made of alloy, which can withstand the impact of a fall from a height of several meters. There are also many special features in the design, such as the handlebars that can be rotated 360 degrees without being restricted by the brake lines, and the “bazooka” that can be stepped on by the front and rear wheels. A car can be played in different ways as long as it has some small parts, which can meet the needs of people with different personalities.

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